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Hotel Torghele's Wald + Fluh in Balderschwang - Biken im Urlaub im Allgäu
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Whether mountain bike, E-Bike or downhill – around Balderschwang there are tour destinations to suit all ages and all ability levels. In the middle of the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park you also get to discover a wide range of flora and fauna – breath-taking panoramic views included. The next refreshment stop option is rarely far away and thanks to our guided tours you will definitely not lose your way. Did you know that we offer an E-Mountain bike hire and bike service?


Hotel Torghele's Wald + Fluh in Balderschwang - Biken im Urlaub im Allgäu

Torghele’s Bike Service

  • Thursdays: Guided E-Bike tour with your host Sonja (fee payable)
  • Wash area for your mountain bike
  • Bike clothing laundered (fee payable)
  • Secure MTB store
  • Tour suggestions at Reception
  • Weather information

Bike routes – Torghele’s Tips


Meters ascent: 434
Duration / km: 45 min. / 8.4 km
Route: alpine path – ¾ asphalt / ¼ gravel

A short tour that is quite tough but rewards with super views.

Route outline:

The route heads to Riedbergpass and at the first farm 'Bim schwarza Stürar' at km 0.4, take a left uphill, passing Alpe Obere Steurer (km 0.6) and Alpe Oberbalderschwang (km 2.8 / 1205 m). Keep left. At km 4.2 you come to Alpe Spicherhalde (1478). The same route takes you back to the village again.


Meters ascent: approx. 100
Duration / km: 45 min. / 5.4 km
Route: field
Obstacles: 3 fences

A short and easy tour which proceeds along Bolgenach stream to the start of the pass.

Route outline:

Several routes take you to Max-Theo-Weg, which is 5.4 km in total and can be tackled in 30 minutes. Either start from the church heading to Schelpenalp at the valley station and take the path there that heads up-river past the Schelpenalp. Those of you who want to do the route in  its entirety can initially ride to one of the two ends of the path, to Lappach bridge on the route to Bodenseehütte or to the start of the pass. Along the entire route there are other options to head north to the main road. This route can either be added to the other tours outlined or tackled beforehand.


Metres ascent: ca. 350
Duration / km: 1 hour / 10 km
Paths: Asphalt road and Alpine paths
Obstacles: 8 – 10 fences and pasture gates

A scenically charming tour for experts with short, steep climbs.

Route outline:

On the main road heading to Hittisau and at Gerisgschwend (km 4.7), after the first farm, bear left into the forest trail and follow the Alpweg. Pas Biebersteinhütte until  the turn-off for Liechtensteiner-Hütte. Proceed left there, down through the forest and at km 8.7 you come to an asphalt  road over a bridge which proceeds to  Bodenseehütte. Head up on this, 200 metres to the right and at km 8.9 you arrive at the next inn (km 9.1) Alpe Lappach, take a left. Pass Alpe Lappach, and proceed through a little gorge and on a country lane up to Höfle-Alpe / Schelpenalpe (km 10). You can now head up to the village or continue along Bolgenach to the Riedberg pass.

Please remember to close the cattle gates properly!


Metres ascent: ca. 350
Duration / km: 1 hour / 10 km
Paths: Asphalt road and Alpine paths
Obstacles: 8 – 10 fences and gates

The route requires the utmost ability. Experience and a good level of fitness are needed since the ascent and the descent are steep and difficult to negotiate.

Route outline:

From the village proceed up to Bodenseehütte (km 3.6 / 1153m). Enjoy a final refreshment stop here before continuing to Fuchshütte on an asphalt road. At km 4.1 at Fuchsschelpen-Alpe (1307m) bear left, where the first challenge on the steep gravel path follows, proceeding up in a few serpentines past Seelos-Schelpen-Hütte (km 5.4). At km 5.8 having reached the ridge, keep right and after 300m you will come to Bergwacht Hütte (1450m), which is also the highest point. Then head downhill in what are initially very steep serpentines (TIP: position your saddle lower), until you get to Köpfle-Hütte (1300m). At Köpfle-Hütte, either take a left following the route to Alpe Lappach, where you once again come to the path to  Bodenseehütte, or bear right and follow the hiking path. This proceeds via the Schwarzenberg descent (you will need to push the bike here!) and continue on a good cycle path in steep serpentines towards the valley to Bolgenachweg (11.1 km), which proceeds along the stream to the village again.


Metres altitude: approx. 450
Duration / km: 1 ½ hours / 14.4 km
Paths: Asphalt and Alpine paths

A challenging tour which requires a good level of fitness and ability.

Route outline:

Proceed on the asphalt road to Bodenseehütte (1153m / km 3.6) passing Fuchsschelpen- and Fuchshütte (km 4.4). At the signpost for Burgl Hütte bear right heading downhill, and follow the gravel path steep uphill until at km 6 you see Güntlealpe on the left. Head right on the path continuing to the managed Burgl Hütte (1420m) at km 7.2. This is closed on Mondays! Take the same path back.


Metres ascent: approx. 1400
Duration / km: 5 hours / 40 km
Paths: Main road, asphalt roads, Alpine paths/ section of pushing the bike for around 20 minutes
Equipment: good maps, puncture  repair kit, First Aid kit, something to eat and drink

A challenging tour that requires a good level of fitness and experience.

Route outline:

From Balderschwang (1044m) head on the main road to Hittisau in Austria. Just before Hittisau (817 m) at km 10.8 bear right at Gasthof Linde and take another right at the first wayside cross at km 11.3. The road proceeds via an old wooden bridge, and the first ascent follows. At Gasthof Alpenrose (km 12.8) continue right. Pass the little toll house and the dreamily located Leckner See (1027 m). Keeping to the right, continue on the Alpine path to the managed Höfle-Alpe. The asphalt road ends here. Pass Alpe Helmingen (km 20.3) and Alpe Sura until you come to the managed Scheidewang Alpe (1316m) at km 24.8. It is here that the asphalt road starts again and proceeds 6 km downhill to Vorsäß/Schönebuch (955 m). At km 31.3 bear right and head up, following the signposts for Alpe Höllritzen and Balderschwang. The longest ascent of the tour then follows, passing Alpen Schwarzenberg and lower Wilhelmine to the Höllritzer Alpe (1443m). Take a bend before Höllritzer-Alpe at km 37 which heads to the right into open terrain, from there you will need to push the bike. Follow the signposted hiking paths and keep to the right until you reach Obere Wilhelmine (1489m). From there, continue to Balderschwang (1044 m) on the path that proceeds steep uphill.


Metres altitude: approx. 1350
Duration / km: approx. 6 hours / 44 km
Paths: Main road, asphalt road, Alpweg / approx. 10 mins. carrying
Equipment: good maps, puncture repair kit, First Aid kit, plenty to eat and drink

A long, scenically beautiful tour that requires a very good level of fitness and which in part proceeds through secluded areas.

Route outline:

On the main road to Hittisau in Austria. At Gasthof Tannenbaum (880 m) at km 9.2, just before Hittisau head to Sibratsgfäll (929 m), take a left heading uphill and a long drawn-out climb proceeds up  to Gasthof Waldrast. A lovely descent takes you to Sibratsgfäll. At the church there take a right and head down to Schönenbach. Pass a chapel, then take a right shortly after; the asphalt road then stops here. Follow a detour into the forest, then take the path left. On gravel paths you come to the small car-free village of Schönenbach (1025 m) which is open for business. A little rest now will do you some good and you ought not miss trying out the speciality of the local inn – 'Kässpatzen', before you then take the same route back to Sibratsgfäll. In Sibratsgfäll you have to make a choice. Either go back on the same route to Balderschwang or follow the route described as follows: at the church in Sibratsgfäll bear right and continue on the asphalt road to Rindberg (1010 m). Shortly after Rindberg take a left and proceed uphill on an Alpine path. There is now a long ascent on good gravel path to tackle. The route passes a few Alpine pastures: Fugen-, Grumpel- and Neualpe, ending at the highest point, the Sättele (1434m). You can now see Balderschwang and directly beneath the Sättele you can now see Güntlealpe and Burgl Hütte to the left. You will now need to carry your bike up to Güntlealpe. Back on a steady path again, follow this down via Fuchshütte and Bodenseehütte to Balderschwang.


Metres altitude: approx. 1.500
Duration / km: approx. 4 ½ hours / 55 km
Paths: Main road, asphalt road
Equipment: good maps, puncture repair kit, First Aid kit, plenty to eat and drink

A long, scenically beautiful tour that requires a good level of fitness and proceeds in part  through secluded areas.

Route outline:

On the main road to Hittisau in Austria and at Gasthof Tannenbaum (880m), at km 9.2 proceed uphill to the left until just before Hittisau to Sibratsgfäll (929 m), where a long drawn-out ascent takes you to Gasthof Waldrast. There follows a lovely descent to Sibratsgfäll. In Sibratsgfäll stay on the main road heading to Rindberg/Rohrmoos. Proceed on a good asphalt road, past waterfalls and the Gottesackerwänden, through the car-free valley of Rohrmoos. You also pass the European Watershed area here. In Rohrmoostal itself there are a few opportunities to factor in a rest in one of the traditional guesthouses or in one of the Alpine inns, before heading downhill to Tiefenbach. In Tiefenbach you can take the Linienbus service back to Balderschwang or – for those of you who have enough left in the tank – bear left in Tiefenbach heading to Obermaiselstein, then in Obermaiselstein take another left to get to Balderschwang via the Riedberg pass. Those of you who do not travel back by bus, can also do the tour in the opposite direction and tackle Riedbergpass first.

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