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Wellnesshotel im Allgäu - Torghele's zwischen Wald und Fluh
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Your hotel in Balderschwang

Between forest + rock: Your room in the Allgäu

Lush green woodlands outside your window and the 'Fluh' rock, resplendent in grey. A cosy bed inside, the air filled with the aroma of fresh herbs and plenty of space to unwind. Explore the wide variety of  rooms we have available and not only have a holiday in your preferred hotel room in the Allgäu, but in one which feels bespoke. Add to that the huge package of superb inclusive services. Whether it has been planned well in advance, while hunting for offers or just spontaneously at the last minute – we look forward to welcoming you and  to receiving your enquiry or booking! Would you like to provide your nearest and dearest with unforgettable joy? Then how about a gift voucher?

Winterurlaub Allgäu – Zimmer Bergliebe – Torghele's Wald und Fluh

Your rooms in the Allgäu are right here waiting for you

Our Hotel Torghele’s is not only in a practical location on the outskirts of Balderschwang, it also nestles romantically between forest + rocks. Our selection of rooms is as bespoke as the requirements of our guests - from cosy rooms for couples or friends, to extensive family studios through to comfortable holiday apartments in our Landhaus. Our exclusive rooms in Torghele's Dorf are brand new.

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Torghele's Hotelerei in Balderschwang - Zimmer und Studios

Your home
from home.

Your home
from home.

Torghele’s. We have it.

Rooms for a
wonderful vacation in the Allgäu.

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