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Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Wald Wellness im Hotel im Allgäu

Nagelfluh Nature Park

Unique natural variety

"Protecting and making the most of the area" is the maxim in Nagelfluhkette Nature Park. This extensive conservation area between Allgäu and Bregenzerwald not only offers breath-taking natural adventures, but is also a habitat for numerous protected species. The versatile cultural landscape is also a place where people live who appreciate the values of the region's nature and culture. In Torghele’s too we take our responsibility towards nature seriously. Species protection and nurturing the landscape is part and parcel of our daily life, just as meeting the needs of our guests is.

Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Familienhotel im Allgäu mit Wildgehege

Protecting the species living around Torghele’s

A garden filled with flowers is not just lovely to look at – when everything is humming and buzzing, then we know all is well with the natural surroundings. For that reason we have an abundance of flowers in the meadows around Torghele’s where the red Apollo butterfly and its striking spots and the thyme-loving large blue feel right at home. As well as the butterflies, the little Alpine salamander and sand lizard are content here too.

Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Wald Wellness im Hotel im Allgäu

In respect of nature

During our renovation work, we have endeavoured to have as little impact as possible on the natural surroundings. The greened roof spaces in Torghele’s give back a valuable area to plants and animals. A special humus and large flower-filled meadows for butterflies behind the hotel actively provide a protective habitat area. This helps ensure our lovely Nagelfluhkette Nature Park is preserved for upcoming generations.

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