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… in the course of time

What began in 1963 as the little BergBlick guesthouse, has, in the course of the years, transformed to become an impressive wellness hotel in Balderschwang. Members of the family have been very busy during this quiet period. In 2021 what was the Wellvitalhotel BergBlick became Torghele’s Wald & Fluh. Nestling in the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park, a new restaurant building has been built and with Torghele’s Dorf there are additional rooms available. The familial ambience remains unchanged, so too the high quality standards and passion to be great hosts. A journey through time …



Torghele’s Wald + Fluh

Forging new paths with a new concept and that 'old' heart. The new restaurant building Gut.Essen and spacious rooms in Torghele’s Dorf ought to provide guests with even more comfort and holiday pleasure. And because they all lived happily ever after ... they will keep building. The host family still have so many fantastic ideas and wishes for the future bubbling about in their heads. In Torghele’s, in the heart of the Allgäu, nothing ever stands still …



Building again

In Autumn, renovation work started on the new Torghele’Spa with Rooftop Pool, ice fountain, sun deck and additional saunas. Unfortunately Corona doesn't spare the Allgäu either.



20 year anniversary

At just 20 years old, the BergBlick was 'old'. Yet was in no way outdated, rather it was still individual, innovative and inspiring.



Pleasure with a panorama view

On the new panorama terrace, breakfast, coffee, cake and evening meals tasted even better. Fantastic views to the surrounding mountains included.



At last, a designated office

As well as continual refurbishment and renovation work, Sonja finally got her own office. A completely new feeling!



'VITALIS' beautifies

Due to the high demand of facial and body treatments, a room in the hotel became the new 'VITALIS' treatment room.



'Cabrio Club BergBlick'

At the convertible weekend, fans of convertible cars met up in the BergBlick in Spring and in September to go for a spin.



Up to the mountains!

Rudi passed the exams to become a mountain guide and was able to reveal the beauty of the Allgäu Alps in spring, summer and autumn to guests.



The Olympic spirit

Sonja completed her training as 'state-approved ski instructor' and opened the hotel's own cross-country ski school 'Olympia'.



Wellness now really on trend

The construction of a new indoor pool with wellness area began. The guesthouse and holiday apartments slowly developed to become a small, dapper, luxury hotel. Demand from guests soared, with visitors from Switzerland too.



Rudi at the stove

Sonja and Rudi Torghele took over their parent's business. Master chef Rudi pampered his guests with home-made 'Käsespätzle', steaks and other delicious treats. Guests were soon thronging from near and far to the cosy farmhouse snug and the hotel bar.



Head to the slopes!

Upon the complete refurbishment of the guesthouse, 12 holiday apartments and a fitness room were constructed. Thomas was then offering guests cross-country lessons. Skis were available to hire direct in the hotel.



The first guests arrive

Right on time for the Christmas celebrations Elfriede and Thomas Bilgeri took a working farm and turned it into a guesthouse. Via the re-opened Riedbergpass ever more guests came to Balderschwang. The 12 rooms in Pension Bergblick were hotly sought after at the time since they boasted running water. The outdoor pool was built in the 70s and later that outdoor pool became an indoor pool.

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