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Enjoy a (more) sustainable holiday

Your hotel in the heart of the nature park

For our family the key theme of sustainability has always been on trend. As former farmers, we enjoy close ties with the landscape and its animal inhabitants. Our foremost goal is to provide an environmentally-sound holiday, one that strengthens our guests' opinion of places that are worthy of protection, including the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park. We actively set about achieving this aim in our everyday actions.


Torghele's die Gastgeberfamilie

Build your house on stone, then it will always be secure – this old adage has accompanied us over many years. We live with the Nagelfluhgestein all around us, in harmony with it, so to speak. We integrate this into our architecture, but we also give so much back to nature by actively endeavouring to conserve the variety of species.

Senior Manager, Sonja

Your sustainable holiday:

Your E-parking space

Four E-car parking spaces are available for our guests, so they can charge electric-driven vehicles. Find out more

Your heat dispenser

Since 1994 we have heated our hotel using pellets as a renewable resource. The tiled stove is fired with wood from the forest.

Your second skin

In all our construction methods we use, where possible, regional resources and hand crafts. You will find some of the excavated Nagelfluh stone on the terraces in the garden and again on the hall to the lift. The rest of the Nagelfluh rocks are re-used elsewhere to maintain the habitat of the many species here. Some of the roofs on our buildings have been 'greened' too.

Your garden

All of Torghele’s Land is located in a nature conservation area. In our garden we place a great deal of emphasis on having flower-filled areas to help support bees and butterflies. We spread a special humus in the garden, creating an additional habitat for species here that are threatened with extinction. The Red Apollo butterfly, the Large Blue butterfly which feeds on thyme, the little Alpine salamander  and the sand lizard are protected.

Your plate

We emphasis seasonal produce from the region when it comes to the origins of our ingredients. Over the decades we have nurtured partnerships with farmers and producers who we have a high regard for. As a guest to the Allgäu you can get to know the variety and the natural flavours of the region's cuisine.

Short commutes

Our employees can live in the staff house and easily walk to work from there. This protects nature and resources.

Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Wald Wellness im Hotel im Allgäu

Species protection in Nagelfluhkette Nature Park

To provide lasting protection for people, animals and plants in the Allgäu and in Bregenzerwald, numerous committed people work together to actively protect and conserve the natural landscape and the variety of species. It is also of great importance to us to keep our habitat as colourful, variety-packed and natural for the generations to come.

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