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Hotel im Allgäu - Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Verwöhnpension
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In Torghele’s we emphasise culinary variety of a high standard. Our approach is founded on the use of regional and seasonal ingredients and also includes the philosophy of using all of the animal. With a great deal of care, attention and finesse, our kitchen crew work meticulously every day on new creations and traditional treats. Our new restaurant building will be ready in Autumn 2021 and will then include, along with the breakfast area, our Gut.Essen restaurant, including the farmhouse snug and terrace. As part of the luxury board service, there is the Gxünd Menu (vegetarian or vegan) or the Naemmes-Guats Menu for you to choose from. Whether it is fish, meat or vegetables – we emphasise regional ingredients. And those who want to can (for a fee) look forward to choice wine accompaniment, with wines from wine cellar.

Opening hours:  Gut.Essen (à la carte) daily 18:00 to 21:00 (only available by advance registration)

 Hotel im Allgäu - Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Restaurant Gut.Essen

The philosophy of Naemmes.Guats is based upon using quality ingredients and the culinary tradition of the mountain regions of Kleinwalsertal, Allgäu and Vorarlberg. I initiated this project together with Jürgen Denk and can now live out my passion for regional ingredients and recipes that have been passed down.

Head Chef Peter Redlich

This is what a holiday at Torghele's Wald + Fluh tastes like

Gxünd Menu

For all our guests who are vegetarian or vegan, there is specific 'green' menu as part of the 5-course menu with our luxury board. Everyone else is free to order this too of course, if they just want to do without meat of fish for once, or want to find out about the variety that is part and parcel of plant-based cuisine.

Naemmes.Guats Menu

As part of our luxury board you can opt to enjoy our specifically created Naemmes.Guats menu. From meat to fish, to vegetables, all ingredients come from the region as far as possible. We emphasise traditional recipes from the region and magic up the flavours of the Allgäu on your plate.

 Hotel im Allgäu - Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Restaurant Gut.Essen

Torghele’s farmhouse snug

In Torghele’s the old and the new come together harmoniously. Along with our contemporary restaurant Gut.Essen you definitely don't need to give up on the idea of enjoying a traditional snug from Autumn 2021. We have put a contemporary twist on the design, with an emphasis on local woods and providing a warm atmosphere. Also really fantastic for bigger groups and special occasions. 

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