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Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Wellnesshotel im Allgäu - Infinity Pool
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Wellness in the Allgäu

… starts with forest + rock

Your wellness holiday in Torghele’s begins the minute you arrive and take that first breath of fresh, clear mountain air. Then add the view to the mountains and forests and the invigorating water world in Torghele’Spa. At the end of an action-packed day you get to relax in the Roof-top Schwimmerei. Or unwind in the Indoor Relax Pool and in the saunas. In BergQuell Schwimmerei the little ones can really splash about and have fun too, while in contrast, in the Stillen Wellnesserei it is adults-only. Arrange your wellness holiday in the Allgäu the way you like it!

Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Wellnesshotel im Allgäu - Indoor Pool

Indoor 'Schwimmerei' and Relax Pool

Torghele’s Indoor Relax Pool with a water temperature of 33 degrees, invites you to really relax and enjoy yourself. You might not want to get out of this refreshing water and prefer t to just stay in there. Or you could chill out at the edge of the pool. Anyway, why not enjoy a few leisurely laps and provide body and soul with some lovely refreshment.

Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Wellnesshotel im Allgäu - Infinity Pool

Roof-top 'Schwimmerei' with panoramic views

Our Torghele’Spa provides you with wellness on two levels. On top of course is our roof-top pool and its extensive panorama terrace. Time to really relax, with views to the Allgäu mountains. Really enjoy the views to forest + rock face, get some sun and just think of nothing for once …

Torghele's Wald + Fluh - Wellnesshotel im Allgäu - Bergquell Badeteich

Bergquell Schwimmerei and bathing pond area

Our Bergquell bathing pond glistens seductively in the sunshine on a hot autumn day, tempting you to take a leap into the refreshing water. Or feel the invigorating power of the water on your whole body after a sauna session. After that, enjoy a lap of the Kneipp pool and you will reborn. Fantastic views to forest + rock face included.

In need of some refreshment?

The right cooling treatment from fresh air or cold water after a sauna session is definitely needed, and above all else, it is healthy. For this, why not make the most of our fresh air corridor or go for a walk in the fresh air. Don't forget to take a deep breath, after all the oxygen will do you good and will cool your respiratory tract. For the “hardy” among you, we recommend taking a dip in the soft powder snow. Simply beyond compare!

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