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Have you laced up your seven-mile boots yet?

Whether it is a short stroll in our Relax.Garden, meditative time-out, including forest bathing behind the hotel, a pleasure tour with all the family or a challenging mountain tour in the middle of the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park – hardly any other hiking area is as variety-packed and versatile as Balderschwang. We let you in on the loveliest tours and would be delighted to take  you with us on an exciting hunting hike. The region also scores with its innovative hiking concept: 876 km, in 3 altitude locations, can be explored on a wide range of stages. There is neither a start, nor a finish. Everyone puts together their own route to suit their interests, ability and fitness level.

Torghele’s hiking service

May to October

  • Weekly free guided hikes as part of  our sport programme
  • Hire rucksack
  • Guided tour of an Alpine dairy every week in summer during 'Alp' season
  • Activity week Fascination.Hiking with one day of hiking as a gift
  • Individual mountain hiking guide (register at least 3 days in advance) / € 25 per hour / from six hours the day of € 150 applies
  • Tips and help with planning individual hikes available at Reception
  • Unique: The hunting hike with our Senior Manager, incl. observing animals in their natural habitat, reading tracks and much more - also included in our autumn time.rutting time offer

Tour destinations – Torghele’s Tips


ROUTE: 5.1 km
DURATION: 1 hr. 45 mins.
ASCENT: 85 metres climbing

The phenomenon of 'time' is ubiquitous during a hike on the 'Balderschwanger Zeitweg'. 16 adventure stations that are suitable for families reveal the lives of people in the Balderschwang mountains, and in the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park and its flora and fauna. The path invites you to take your time – 'sich Zit long'. Time to  reflect. Time to look. Time to be amazed.

The path which is around 5 km in length and was originally designated as an 'altitude path', proceeds along the southern exposed slope above Balderschwang. It can be climbed and shortened in several sections. 

Route outline: Hotel – left, up past the animal enclosure – bear right at the end of the animal enclosure (signposted) – up to the 2000 year-old yew tree – head down via the road to Bach – back to Bolgenach!

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ROUTE: 11.8 km
DURATION: around 4 hours
ASCENT: 523 meters ascent

This tour is suitable for all levels of hiker, just make sure you have a certain amount of fitness.

Route outline: Bear left out of the hotel, up past the animal enclosure – at the end of the animal enclosure continue on the path half-left – proceeding via 'Klösterle Alpe' to the 'Doserloch' and 'Samstenberg' Alps – on the altitude path, accompanied by the fantastic views across Balderschwang Valley, the impressive Ifen and the Allgäu Alps, continue in an easterly direction – via Alps 'Vordere Stillberg' and 'Spicherhalde', continuing to 'Oberen Balderschwanger Alpe' (drinks available to enjoy as a self-service option) – pass 'Oberen-Socher-Alpe' and the 2000 year-old  Eibe to the Balderschwanger Zeitweg

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ROUTE: 10.2 km
DURATION: 3 – 3 ½ hours
ASCENT: 500 meters ascent

Route outline: Bear left out of the hotel to Haus Bergzauber – from there a path proceeds half-left down to the stream (Bolgenach) – over the bridge – from there, continue via Bodenseehütte – before Bodenseehütte take a left to Köpflehütte (1263 m) via an asphalt/gravel path past the mountain rescue lodge up to the Gelbhansekopf (1438)m) – from there, proceed slightly downhill to Käsehütte (1379 m) – downhill via Fuchsalm and Bodenseehütte back to the starting point!

Variant: from Bergwachthütte or Käsehütte, ascent to the Hochschelpen (1552m) and back (an additional 1 ¼ hours)

Refreshment stop options: Käsehütte: Fri – Sun 10 to 16 | Fuchsalm: Daily 11 – 16 (Closed Monday) | Bodenseehütte: open daily

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#4 Other tours

Our personal insider tip: Relaxation forest: Atem.Zeit 

Just a 5 minute walk from our hotel is our very own relaxation forest Atem.Zeit. Optimally suited for all those of you who want to escape the daily grind as quickly as possible while you are on holiday. Check-in, take your things to your room and take a deep breath from the outset.

Dreamy circuit of the Hochschelpen

ROUTE: 13.1 km
DURATION: 4 ½ - 5 hours
ASCENT: 695 metres altitude

Route outline: Bear left from the hotel until you reach Haus Bergzauber – from there take a half-left down to the spring below (Bolgenach) – bear left before  the bridge – along the Bolgenach to the crossroads – take a right going upwards, pass Köpfle Hütte (1280m – not managed) – from there, continue up to the Gelbhansekopf (1438m) and along the mountain ridge to the highest point, Hochschelpen (1552m) – back via the 'Sättele' and to the north side beneath the Feuerstätterkopf to Burgl Hütte (1428m) – on the return leg heading downhill you initially come to Burst Alpe, before the path proceeds to the valley again to Bolgenach and back to the starting point.

Alternative: back via Unterschelpenalpe and Fuchsalm to the valley.

Refreshment stop option: Burgl-Hütte (Closed Mon + Tues) | Fuchsalm: daily 11 – 16 (Closed Mon)

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Hike to Burgl-Hütte

ROUTE: 11.1 km
DURATION: 4 hours
ASCENT: 510 metres ascent

Route outline: From the hotel bear left to get to Haus Bergzauber – from there take a half-left down to the stream (Bolgenach) – cross the bridge – from there, continue to Bodenseehütte until just before the end of the asphalt Alpweg – bear right here over the bridge of the spring on the border, the Lappach – you are now in Austria; continue on the signposted cart path to Burgl-Hütte (1428m) – back to the valley via Burst-Alpe and Liechtensteiner-Hütte.

Refreshment stop option: Burgl–Hütte (Closed Mon + Tue)

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Die Scheuenrunde

ROUTE: 13.9 km
DURATION: approx. 5 ½ hours
ASCENT: 780 metres ascent

Route outline: Starting point at the car park at Riedberg Passstraße, on the junction to  Scheuen Alpe. – The tour proceeds initially immediately beneath the steep rock faces of the Scheuenwände and its first high point is at the impressive Scheuen waterfall (1440m) – from there the route proceeds up to the concealed Scheuenpass, which opens up a little plateau – at the water divide between the Rhine and the Danube, extensive flatland and also a few raised moors have formed up at 1400m, that transform into a true sea of flowers in the summer – a detour to the 1630m Piesenkopf promises the best views to the Allgäuer Hochalpen and the neighbouring Gottesacker area – proceed back via the Alpine area at the foot of the Besler and Schafkopf, passing Dinjörgen-Alpe and through the 'ancient woodland' beneath the Gauchenwände back to the Scheuen-Alpe and the car park.

Refreshment stop option: Scheue-Alpe: daily until 18.00 (closed Tuesday) | Alpe Dinjörgen: open daily

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Family hike to the Alpe

The routes are easy to walk on which means that even infants in prams or in baby carriers can come along too (we can provide carriers free of charge).

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