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Torghele’s luxury board

The Allgäu delivers great flavours

In Torghele’s, 'luxury board' is exactly that. Our team of chefs are there to see your well-being, working with a great of passion and even more love of the produce, in our state-the-art kitchen. We not only emphasise the use of seasonal and regional produce, but also genuine handcrafted items. Our philosophy for cooking is based on using the best ingredients that we enhance creatively and in a sophisticated manner. Our greatest motivation is ensuring you are happy. Whether it is enjoying something traditional in our snug, the contemporary in our restaurant Gut.Essen, and its terrace, or being smitten by meat dishes in Oscar’s Grill – we provide culinary temptation and indulgence. Each and every day.

Belly teasers


What does the perfect start to your day look like? Our morning starts with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a pot of tea from the Tea bar. Then there is a slice of home-baked, tasty bread, egg dishes prepared à la minute and warm waffles to finish. At the table there are also lovely jams, forest honey, sausages and cheese, fruit and cereal. In our organic area you will also find some delicious wholegrain foods, to give you energy for the day ahead. Add to that a freshly pressed smoothie and – because you are on holiday - a glass of Prosecco. And the best thing – you get to decide afresh every day!


It's 13.00. You've done your morning circuits and first forays. Obviously your belly is making its presence known now. Because there is still plenty of the day ahead of you - packed with adventure - instead of a hearty meal, we offer you a little, wonderful buffet for a lighter snack to keep you going. For the sweet-toothed we have home-made cakes and fresh fruit. Meanwhile for those who prefer something savoury along with snacks there are also some delicious soups to enjoy. Stay active and head out on new adventures!

Evening meal

While you have been out and about in forest + rock face areas during the day, our Head Chef Peter Redlich and his motivated team have been hard at work. Our own aspirations as to what is served on your plate are exceptionally ambitious. Be inspired by our 5-course menu that we prepare fresh each and every day for you, using regional, seasonal produce. If you are looking for something exceptional, then in Torghele’s you are in good hands. Whether it is in our restaurant Gut.Essen, on the terraces or in our grill restaurant Oscar’s Grill – you get to choose your pleasure-filled moment.


After your evening meal is pre night-cap time. And for that, everyone meets in our cosy 'Wohnzimmer' lounge, which is quite something to behold in our hotel: on two floors, various seating options invite you to lie back and relax. A cocktail created by the bar manager in hand, and a thousand ideas in your head for the next day. Over a glass of fine wine from our wine cellar, you get to enjoy sunset in a stylish manner - before the cosy bed in your room calls.


Torghele’s inclusive

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