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A taste of the Allgäu

Your pleasure-filled holiday in the Torghele’s

Holidays and cuisine are inseparable in Torghele’s. After all, to us pleasure means experiencing a place with all your senses. This starts with our luxurious board and continues seamlessly in our restaurants - Gut.Essen (Eat.Well) and Oscar’s Grill. Relax afterwards in our bar – which is also called the Wohnzimmer (lounge) and enjoy a delicious cocktail or a glass of fine wine. Every day tastes different in Torghele’s.

Pleasure-filled moments for everyone

The emphasis in Torghele’s is providing a PLEASURE-FILLED HOLIDAY, reflected in the term luxurious board. And since it is widely recognised that we eat with our eyes, our meals are not only lovely to look at, but the Restaurant Gut.Essen really does know how to impress. For instance, with the spacious terrace and its views to forest + rock face. In Oscar’s Grill it is not just meat from local hunts that is served, the maxim here is “nose to tail” eating.

Wine o’clock
and Gin Gin.

Bar with lounge ambience

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