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Through the snow on soft soles

Snow-shoe hiking in the Allgäu

Balderschwang has long been known for its very well-tended winter hiking paths. However, while snow-shoe hiking you get to take in the beauty of the unspoilt and deep snow-covered winter landscape in a completely conscious manner, and (almost) without any barriers. Walking in the deep snow with shoes that have a wide platform base is a real joy for all ages. No advance knowledge required. Just wrap up warm, put on your sturdy shoes and snap on your (hired) snow shoes. Slow Tourism in harmony with nature.

Schneeschuhwanderung - Torghele's Wald + Fluh

Snow-shoe hiking in Torghele’s:

  • Free snow-shoe taster tour 1x per week
  • Longer free snow-shoe tour, with refreshment stop in an inn, 1x per week
  • Hire of snow-shoes for € 10 per day
  • Snow-shoe hire direct in the hotel
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